Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal and Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has become a father, Portuguese media reported Sunday, citing sources close to her agent and post Twitter and Facebook "official".

Post said the 25-year-old player was "recently became a father ', while the newspaper Correio da Manha reported" Gestifute ", the company which is managed by the player agent, has confirmed the news.

According to the newspaper, which did not provide further resources, "the baby's mother came from North America and she gave birth to early June.

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Media Portugal added that a post-broadcast up Ronaldo, who said, "With the consent of her mother, who still wants nmanya secret, I will have the exclusive custody of my child."

Ronaldo, who last year became the world's most expensive player when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, appear disappointing at the World Cup when his country bbak removed in 16 of the Spanish.


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