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Cerita dewasa malam pertama - The concept of four perfectly healthy five popularized by Prof. Poerwo Soedarmo, the father of nutritional Indonesia, since 1950 it is now considered no longer suitable with the development of nutrition science and technology. Instead, today introduced guidelines for balanced nutrition.

Guidelines for balanced nutrition (PGS) is a composition of daily food containing nutrients in the type and amount according to the needs of the body. Watched the four principles of balanced nutrition, yakti varied diet, the importance of clean lifestyle, the importance of active lifestyles and sports, as well as monitoring of weight.

Unlike the four concepts that generalize perfectly healthy five nutritional needs of all people, PGS principle that every age group, gender, health, nutrition and physical activity require different according to the conditions of each group.

"When four of five perfectly healthy was introduced, at that time Indonesia did not yet understand the proper diet. Starting in the 1990s, the pattern of community nutrition problems began to change. There is a problem of overweight and obesity, so the guidelines are no longer appropriate," said Prof Soekirman, Bogor Agricultural University professor.

He explained that, at the 1992 World Food Conference in Rome and Geneva convened by the World Food Organization (FAO) is already defined for all developing countries which originally apply similar guidelines as a basic four-four healthy five perfect guide for improving the nutrition balance diet.

Indonesia has been Cerita Dewasa implementing the policy decision of FAO's Five-Year Plan V in 1995 as PGS and a program of nutrition policy. However, because of less publicized, there was an understanding that one and people tend to keep using the old guidelines.

"Science is always changing, as well as the science of nutrition. Balanced nutrition guide is revised from the old guidelines. The point is that health is a balanced, both in your calorie intake or physical activity levels," said the expert in the field of food and nutrition policy is .

To socialize the PGS, Professor Soekirman together experts in the field of nutrition, such as Prof. Hardinsyah, Prof. Dr. Othman Taha, Prof. Hamam Hadi, Dr Idrus Jus'at, and Health Research and the Ministry of Health published a guide book Balanced Nutrition. The book, among others, funded by the Danone Institute will be distributed through schools.

Written in the language of popular science, this book also Malam pertama features a table and a list of daily menus for each age group.

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