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Entering the 5th month of pregnancy, fetal sense of hearing is getting better, so it can respond to sounds from outside. When the expectant mother is advised to begin to broadcast music to her fetus. By listening to music, motor skills and cognitive fetus to be better because the music is stimulating the development of cell number and branching of brain cells when the baby is born. Also, listening to music is also a means of stress reducer for the prospective mother, as well as to make bonding with the fetus.

Type of music that is usually recommended for the mother and fetus is classical music, especially Mozart. The problem is, what if the mother does not like (or not able to enjoy) classical music? Understandably, classical music is often touted as the complex music. "There's just you know, patients come to me and complain that they feel do not like classical music," said dr Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, in Sleep Symposium organized by Pampers Active Baby at the Gran Melia, Jakarta, Friday (20 / 11).

In fact, classical music is not the only kind of music that can stimulate the development of brain cells. According to pediatrician from EKA Hospital BSD City, which is more important is to choose music that can make the mother happy, so it can penetrate the neurotransmitter.

Neurotransmitters are substances that can activate the synapse (connection between cells of the brain), where more and more synapses means that the more complex the brain's ability. Neurostransmitter just one of the few things that mark the quality of the brain. Another thing is the number of brain cells, branching of brain cells, and mielinisasi (myelin is the sheath that acts on nerve cell to cell delivery speed).

Because of that, keep listening to music that you like since before pregnancy. Whether it's pop music, R & B, folk songs, gamelan, and so forth. Not only capable of stimulating cells sotak the fetus, listen to any music that you can make it go happy.

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