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Photoshop tricks and photoshop tutorials for smoothing facial this time to help a friend - a friend in the face for photo editing can be corrected in photoshop. Most of the users of photoshop use in photoshop how to smooth the face using the healing brush tool ways. From one of the sources that I can and will be shared here another way to remove acne or smooth the face without the clone or healing but with a blur filter.

Open the image file that would be mashed his face using Photoshop let Softens Face The charming and handsome like irfan bachdim or create a photo gebetanmu beautiful girl I'll be a surprise.

trik photoshop

Photoshop Tricks Softens Face

duplicate background layer or image layer by pressing ctrl + J to change the layer style into vivid light.

menghaluskan wajah di photoshop
Click Image> Adjustment> Invert or press Ctrl + I

edit wajah di photoshop
Click Filter> Blur> Gaussian blur radius value depends on the image .. try to blur the result was similar to that drawn.

menghaluskan muka di photoshop
Click filter> other> high pass .. once again the value of its radius depending on the big picture .. be mistaken about whatsmooth face have not already .. :) .. if there are changes in the eye .. . masking later

tutorial edit foto photoshop
If it subtle plasticity of his face .. click Add layer mask .. foreground color to be black.

trik trik photoshop
Click the brush tool .. paint the parts that should tajem .. such as eyebrows, eyes, lips, nose, hair, clothes ... except for areas that have acne .. not in masking.

trik edit wajah di photoshop

edit muka di photoshop
Other examples :

hasil edit wajah di photoshop

Practically complicated indeed quite complicated, but practically easy if you try really clear in photoshop or photo editing online software, it takes a lot - a lot of practice, especially in finding a smooth face in photoshop creations.


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