Cerita dewasa setengah baya SMP dan SMA

Cerita dewasa setengah baya SMP dan SMA Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and coach Carlo Ancelotti will continue the cooperation negotiations on Friday (12/30/2011). According to news agency AFP, it was said by a spokesman for PSG, Thursday (12/29/2011).

At least, already in the last two months Ancelotti consistently reported the French media will join PSG. Ancelotti and PSG sports director Leonardo had denied the news, but according to AFP, the two sides are negotiating the final stage with Ancelotti on Wednesday (28/12/2011). Negotiations lasted until called Thursday (29/12/2011) and immature conclusions.

It is said also, PSG offers 2.5 seasons for Ancelotti's contract and would like to conclude negotiations before the team left for Dubai on Sunday (01.01.2012) to conduct training camp for four days.

Daily L'Equipe claimed, if accepted PSG bid, Ancelotti will receive a salary of six to seven million euros per season. This value is referred to as the largest bid for a coach in the history of French football.
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Togel yes keluar lagi

Togel yes keluar lagi - Single currency, the euro will commemorate the 10th anniversary, coinciding with the mounting crisis in the European region. Countries in the European region it collapsed due to entanglement of debt, after 10 years of official euro is used.

The euro is actually 13 years old due to be introduced in the financial markets in 11 European countries in 1999. But the new euro officially used three years later, in 2002. Commencing on January 1, 2002, the euro was officially used as the single currency in 12 European countries.

Until mid-2011, a total of 14.2 billion 95.6 billion banknotes and coins with a total value of 870 billion euros in circulation in the eurozone. And since it was introduced, 17 countries have adopted the euro and is used by 332 million inhabitants.

The European Commission claims the use of the single currency euro profit only.

"The euro increases price transparency, reducing the cost of the currency, helping the movement of the European economy, facilitate international trade and give the EU a more powerful voice in the world," claims of the European Commission, as quoted by AFP on Monday (12/26/2011).

"The euro provides a symbol of European identity that is more real for the people of the European Union," they added more.

But the financial crisis facing Europe has eroded the value of the euro against the U.S. dollar significantly. European Central Bank and the countries of the European Union fought hard to avoid the collapse of the region.

Jatunya euro will clearly be a disaster for European banks because it will make a sharp depreciation of the currency for the South region Eripa, where banks hold a large amount of debt. Germany will experience a severe blow because its currency will rise sharply, thus making imported goods become cheaper, which in turn could 'kill' the labor market.

But it seems it will not happen. EU leaders continue to work hard struggle to overcome the crisis in the region, although some parties doubt it will resolve the crisis quickly.

Having had slumped sharply a few weeks ago, the euro is now beginning to stabilize. In trading in Asian markets on Monday (12.26.2011), the euro traded at U.S. $ 1.3054, compared to last weekend in kiasarn U.S. $ 1.3040. Eurp moving thin because of the large financial market christmas and new year holidays.
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Pengalaman malam pertama

Ocean waves as high as 6 feet hit the housing on the waterfront residents Natuna Regency, Riau Islands province (Riau Islands). As a result of houses damaged, and residents have been displaced.

Within this week, rainfall and strong winds often occur in Riau and Riau region. The storm surge also felt the current highest reach 6 feet. This condition causes the residents of Sea Island waterfront district, the Natuna have been displaced.

"At this time marine conditions in which we are very unfriendly. Tidal waves reach a height of 6 meters damaging 8 houses. Residents are forced to flee overland this week in place of relatives, "said Zainal (45) local residents told AFP on Monday (12/26/2011).

According to Zainal, other than sea waves caused considerable damage, the two houses also destroyed by the waves. Two houses are razed to the ground due to hembasan ocean waves.

"Not only that, due to high waves this vessel did not dare go to sea. Impact, basic food at a place we've been hard to find. For example, eggs, sugar, vegetable oil, rice disappeared from circulation, "said Zainal.

Still according to Zainal, the same conditions experienced by residents in District Three Island is still in the same district. Residents there also have been displaced.

"Until now there is no concern of the Government Natuna residents who fled and his house damaged," said Zainal.
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Cerita malam pertamaku

A naked man standing on his BMW car in the Green Traffic Light Jewels had been released. He was dressed in full when picked up by her family.

"What the police did not have a naked, teen was fully dressed. There were about 10 people who picked her up, there are fathers and mothers," said police officer Kebayoran Lama, Brigadier Soeparno told AFP on Sunday (12.25.2011 ).

Adolescents and families, according to Soeparno just being in the Police page and not to go into the room. They were only about five minutes in that place.

"Just a quick word continues to shake hands and pat his shoulder. After that go home," he said.

Soeparno the view from the room said the teen nude appearance was clean and tidy. Creased appearance does not look as crazy people in general.

"I guess he's rich because his family dapper appearance. He also picked up a kind of luxury car Toyota Fortuner car," said Soeparno.

Previously, this man suddenly got out of the BMW he was driving the car right at Traffic Light Jewels Green, at around 21:00 pm earlier. Then this man stands on his car and off all her clothes.

Until now not known what motivated the man naked on the luxury car at Traffic Light Green Jewels.
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Foto Agnes monica

Foto Agnes Monica, who did not know him. Action at each stage is always amaze the eyes of millions. So also when Agnes fill in the birthday ceremony of the Crop Trans -10, Agnes appeared very aktraktif. The songs hitsnya not escape the coveted singing.

"I'm as Trans just right they can accept what management offered me. No play yes-yes," he said when met at the JCC, South Jakarta, Friday (16/12/2011) morning.

This he said, because it's not much that can meet the demand management. Agnes often did not feel so awkward to move.

"If here I really feel appreciated as a singer. They want what I want. But they are adjusting well," he continued.

In that occasion, Agnes also looks very graceful and elegant to wear a white kebaya when the song 'Love'. It is being wanted.
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Cerita Dewasa malam pertamaku

Cerita Dewasa malam pertamaku Maybe you've seen a car ad featuring a woman would prefer to go with a man who has a shiny clean car than men with shabby and dusty cars. Apparently, it can also happen in the real world.

Reported by All Women stalk, men can attract women by using his personal car. Here it is seven ways that can be used by men to impress women through the appearance of his car.

1. Clean Glossy
No matter what brand as expensive or as famous as the car is owned by a man, if his car is full of dust or mud here and there, do not expect she'll be impressed. When the woman saw the car fall apart, they will automatically assume the people in them also have no regularity in his life.

2. Car Wheels Good
Perhaps most men did not think that women will not notice their car as detailed as that. But the tires and wheels are also important in the eyes of the women. Generally, women do not really like a car wheel that is too high (like a wheel off-road or modified too much). Conversely, women love the sleek wheels with alloy wheels and elegant, especially if they are not covered with dust and mud.

3. Sound Quality System
The women certainly do not want eardrums 'broken' because of the deafening sound of music when driving with the man in the car. But she also wanted to enjoy the musi during the trip. Therefore, men need to install a good sound system if you want to impress women. The sound quality is not too hard or jamming bass, will be favored by women.

4. Strong power
Strength, in any form will look sexy in her eyes. Generally, women prefer cars that were tough body and a rumbling sound when turned on. Be it new or vintage car.

5. Environmentally Friendly
Cars that emit a lot of black exhaust smoke until, of course, does not look good in the eyes of women. This signifies a man less able to care for and tend to be 'the bodo' with his car. While men who diligently caring for the car, especially if using an environmentally friendly car (hybrid) will get plus points for women.

6. Know How to Maintain Car
Nothing is more sexy to women than to see a man who knows what the problem is happening with their car. The man who can change the oil, change tires or resolve minor problems themselves, will be concerned with the slightest details, including watching the women.

7. 'Clean' of Ornament
Cars that 'clean' of stickers, hanging dangling dangling or patch windows will be more 'comfortable' is seen particularly for women. One-two sticker or ornament to sweeten the car may not be a problem. But if all the car's rear glass filled with stickers, will look messy and ridiculous.
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Foto Ayu ting-ting alamat palsu

Ayu Ting Ting already has a lover. He also was revealed he did not want to linger courtship. This means that Ayu is ready to get married?

Apparently this time the singer of 'Address False' it like it wants to change his statement. He did not want to rush to get married young because they think he still has not old enough, and still want to make money.

"I'm confused about the mating mulu nanyanya ya, I was a kid, still must nyari money," selorohnya when met at the Jakarta Fashion Week, Pacific Place, Jakarta, Wednesday (16/11/2011) night.

On that occasion, whose original singer Ayu Rosmalina it also reaffirmed her and her boyfriend were enjoying the first days of courtship. He was reluctant to think about getting married.

But Ayu who was accompanied by Ivan Gunawan was given advice by the designer. According to Ivan, Ayu better dating a designer clothes so as not to bother setting up a gig, even dresses to get married someday.
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Cerita Dewasa panas tante girang

Cerita Dewasa panas tante girang news is not tasty blow after Google acquired the Motorola Mobility. Toket Tante girang One report said Motorola plans to terminate the employment (layoff) employees Nomer HP tante girang.

The number of employees will be laid off pretty much anything, about 800 people. Mentioned Motorola, layoffs will be done before the end of this year and some employees in other business units, namely Motorola Mobility, will also be affected.

As is known, the Motorola Mobility is a business unit of Motorola's manufacturing and designing consumer products such as Photon, Droid and Droid Bionic Razr. While Motorola Solutions, focusing on product and business customers.

A little look back, Google agreed to buy Motorola Mobility worth USD 12.5 billion. This acquisition not only puts Google in the hardware business, but the important thing is to strengthen the portfolio of Google with thousands of patents owned by Motorola.

Quoted from the Los Angeles Times, Tuesday (11/01/2011), Memek tante girang the shareholders of Motorola Mobility will conduct the voting for this acquisition agreement on 17 November. Toket tante girang Google itself is still awaiting approval from regulators, while the board of directors of both companies have approved the tante girang ngentot agreement.
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Foto Nakal ABG Mesum Gratis

Foto Nakal ABG Mesum Gratis, and 2 years out. However, think that they both are not claimed to be a more serious level in Foto Gallery ABG Montok.

Both said Foto Cewek Seksi Belum Bugil never thought seriously about marriage. This is because Ayu Danan and always wanted to concentrate on their work. Video Mesum ML di kamar mandi wants to finish college yet.

Take it easy. It's not as thought Situs foto foto cewek bugil indonesia, without thinking at all. Nargetin not always, yes selesain university that not all speak,  said Ayu, if at's a wedding ceremony and Thalita Dennis at the Grand Ballroom of the hotel meets Kartika Chandra, South Jakarta, on Sunday (10/09/2011).

Relationship, do not want to rush simply ditargetin how-to Julia perez Mandi basah Kelihatan Toket. Trusted contacts grave was completed, the marriage or not, and wrote doain  said Ayu.
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Foto Gallery ABG Montok

Foto Gallery ABG Montok in Palembang banned because too sexy look for MUI. However, Rock said not to cease to tremble and Foto Cewek Seksi Belum Bugil.

Dinda Kanya Dewi Bugil Telanjang on stage while singing is a natural thing. I was sure it was not nography and nography in action.

I'm tired of shaking. Foto Pevita Pearce dan Sang pacar bugil telanjang perhaps many people in the field of Dangdut know if I was normal. No way, I'm not a rock song, he said, as in Planet Hollywood, Foto Bugil Julie Estelle Telanjang Terbaru 2011 South Jakarta, Monday (Met 3 / 10 / 2011) .

Cerita Dewasa Diperkosa Om Darmo of football player was taken to relax the ban. He said he had always lived within reasonable limits.

Wade was legal. No pornography, unless you're. Never give a concert at the attractions that you can use any type of pornography or pornographic call to action, said

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Foto Cewek Seksi Belum Bugil

Foto Cewek Seksi Belum Bugil is very possessive of her lover Gaston Castano. In fact, Gaston Jupe not allow video clips to be a model for other singers in Situs foto foto cewek bugil indonesia.

"Many are willing to jadiin Gaston models for video clips but I do not love because I dont want to and not willing to Gaston held-hold the same of others," Cewek Toge Bispak Indonesia said when met at Sun City, Central Jakarta, Sunday (09/10/2011) night.

Jupe revealed that Gaston would only be a model for her own video clip. Although Cerita Dewasa Tetanggaku yang cantik Montok ABG gets a job offer as a model worth hundreds of millions, Jupe also ready to reject it.

"Let me get paid many times over tetep I do not want to. SMA SMP Mahasiswi Bugil Telanjang Terbaru 2011 also do not want to wear someone else anyway," he said. Jupe rake in Gaston in the video clip new song, entitled '69 '. They also tend to perform very affectionate little vulgar.

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Video Mesum ML di kamar mandi

Ini lah Video Mesum ML di kamar mandi, Seorang STW beserta om om Sedang bercumbu di kamar mandi, Adegannya hot banget hingga saling cium dan saling raba :

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Cerita Dewasa Ngentotin teman sekantor memang nikmat

Hay pembaca yang budiman, kali ini aku mau posting tentang Cerita Dewasa Ngentotin teman sekantor, gak asing kan dengan judul nya ? yah benar cerita nya ngentot teman sekantor yang mulus manis hmmm pokok nya enak banget, gimana tak sabar ingin membaca Cerita Dewasa Ngentotin teman sekantor, ok ok aku nyerah yuk dibaca bareng-bareng.

Sebut saja namaku By. Aku bekerja di sebuah perusahaan di kawasan segitiga emas di Jakarta. Sebagai seorang supervisor, aku sering melakukan perjalanan ke luar kota untuk mengunjungi klien maupun mengontrol penjualan. Nah, suatu hari aku kebetulan mendapat ijin untuk masuk siang karena pada malam sebelumnya aku bertugas di luar kota.

Sekitar jam 10.00, pintu kamar kosku diketuk oleh Bi Minah (penjaga kos). "Mas, ada tamu", panggil Bi Minah dari balik pintu. Dengan malas-malasan aku beranjak dari tempat tidurku dan membuka pintu. Eh.., di belakang Bi Minah berdiri Ati, teman sekantorku. Memang, dia berugas di bagian pemasaran sehingga bisa dengan leluasa keluar kantor.

Setelah Bi Minah pergi, aku menyilakannya masuk.
"Ada apa nih?", tanyaku sambil mengucek-ucek mata. Maklum, kemarin malam aku sampai di Jakarta sekitar pukul 02.00 dinihari.
"Nggak, mau main aja", jawabnya sambil tersenyum.
Setelah ngobrol ngalor-ngidul tentang suasana kantor, aku minta ijin untuk mandi.

Sewaktu di kamar mandi, aku terus berpikir ada apa kok tiba-tiba dia datang ke kosku. Selama ini aku hanya mengenalnya sepintas dan itu pun hanya basa-basi. Bukannya sombong, tapi dia bukan anak buahku langsung. Jadi, memang jarang bertemu. Tapi, jujur saja, Ati tergolong cantik. Dengan kulitnya yang putih, gigi yang teratur rapi, plus rambut hitamnya yang sebahu, siapa pun akan mengakui kecantikannya. Belum lagi dada dan pantatnya yang memang aduhai.

Usai mandi, aku bergegas kembali ke kamar. Ternyata, dia sudah duduk di tempat tidurku sambil membaca majalah. Pikiran kotorku segera bekerja, "Pasti ada maunya nih". Dengan alasan akan mengambil baju yang tergantung di balik pintu, aku menutup pintu dan menguncinya. Sedetik kemudian, aku menemaninya duduk di ranjang.

Sambil ngobrol, dengan perlahan wajahku kudekatkan ke wajahnya. Dia hanya diam saja dan tidak mencoba menghindar. Langsung saja kulumat bibirnya dan ternyata responnya sangat mengejutkan. Ati membalas ciumanku dengan bernafsu dan bibirnya makin terbuka saat lidahku bermain di mulutnya. Cukup lama juga kami berpagutan, dan jelas burungku sudah berontak hendak keluar dari sarangnya. Saat kami berciuman, dia membisikkan bahwa dia sayang padaku.

Sambil lidahku menuruni lehernya yang jenjang dan wangi, tanganku segera meraba dadanya yang kenyal. Dia menggelinjang saat tanganku meremas buah dadanya yang berada di balik blouse putihnya. Dengan lembut kulepaskan satu persatu kancing bajunya dan menyembullah buah dada yang terbungkus bra putih. Dengan ukuran 36B, buah dada itu nampak hendak mau tumpah dari cungkup branya. Segera saja kubenamkan wajahku ke dadanya. Ati makin mendesah dan tangannya meremas-remas rambutku. Kujilati dadanya dan dengan gentle aku menyusuri gunung kembarnya. Dengan mulutku, kubuka cup branya dan tangan kiriku membuka kait bra di punggungnya. Rupanya, kelembutanku sangat menyenangkan dia. Ati tertawa kecil sambil mengelus rambutku.

Terlihatlah buah dada Atik yang menantang dengan puting berwarna coklat pucat. Putingnya tidak seberapa besar, tapi lingkaran putingnya benar-benar membuatku bernafsu. Lebar dan benar-benar bulat sempurna. Segera kukulum putingnya dan sesekali menggigitnya dengan mesra. Ati makin liar dan tubuhnya terdorong ke belakang sampai rebah di ranjang. Ini memudahkan pengembaraanku. Dengan posisi berbaring, aku lebih leluasa mengulum kedua buah dadanya. Dengan kedua tanganku, kutangkupkan kedua bukit indah itu dan lidahku menjilatinya bergantian. Kombinasi permainan lidah dan remasan tanganku rupanya membuatnya makin bergairah. "Terus, Mas.., terus.., aduh enaknya..", desisnya. Buah dada yang tadinya lembut itu makin menegang putingnya dan dengan rakusnya kulahap. Tangannya makin membenamkan wajahku ke buah dadanya.

Tangan Ati lalu menyusuri perutku dan jarinya masuk ke dalam celana dalamku. Kemaluanku pun dipijat-pijatnya. Walaupun aku sudah tegang, tapi penisku baru 70% ereksi. Bukannya sombong, tapi aku tergolong lambat panas. Aku segera melepas celana dalamku dan dengan leluasa tangannya mengocok penisku. Rasanya selangit deh, antara geli dan enak. Walaupun tidak tergolong besar (panjang 15 cm, diamater 4 cm), tapi stamina penisku cukup prima.

Aku tidak mau kalah dan mulutku pun mulai menuju perutnya. Lidahku berhenti sejenak di pusarnya dan kumasuki lubang pusarnya dengan lidah. Pinggul Ati langsung terangkat dan desahannya makin kencang. Lalu tangan kananku mencari risleting roknya dan menurunkannya. Rok mini hijaunya kupelorotkan dan kuciumi paha putihnya yang merangsang. Mulai dari balik dengkul, sampai ujung paha kejelajahi dengan lembut. Ati terlihat menggigit bibirnya sendiri sambil matanya merem melek keenakan.

Ketika kuciumi pangkal pahanya, terlihat beberapa bulu halus menyembul keluar dari celana dalam satin hitamnya. Perlahan, jariku menyibak pinggir celana dalamnya dan kujilati clitorisnya. Rupanya, sensasi dengan cara kukulum clitorisnya ketika masih memakai celana dalam sangat disukainya. Desis Ati bercampur nafas yang semakin memburu makin membuatku gila. Dengan bernafsu kujilati seluruh vaginanya yang berwarna merah muda. Lidahku turun naik menyusuri vagina wanginya dan dengan gerakan liar kumainkan lidahku di lubang kemaluannya.

Setelah sekitar 5 menit, vagina indah itu sudah basah oleh lendir dan dengan bernafsu semakin kujilati. Lalu, tiba-tiba Ati menarik lenganku ke atas. "Ayo dong Mas, Ati udah nggak tahan. Masukin dong Mas..", pintanya dengan mata memelas. Ia pun segera merenggangkan kedua pahanya dan terlihat vaginanya yang sangat menggiurkan.

Aku segera mengarahkan penisku ke lubang vaginanya. Sambil memeluk tubuhnya dengan erat, perlahan kudorong penisku memasuki vaginanya. Mulanya agak seret, tapi Ati malah mendorong pantatku. Akhirnya dengan sebuah hentakan lembut seluruh penisku berhasil masuk. Bulu vagina Ati yang lebat terasa menggesek bagian atas penisku dan membuatku makin terangsang. Begitu berada di dalam liang vaginanya, penisku langsung mengembang sempurna dan menjadi keras sekali. "Aduh, Mas.., enak banget punyamu. Makin besar di dalam..", desahnya.

Langsung kulumat bibirnya dan serentak pinggulku mendorong penisku untuk maju mundur. Alamak enaknya! Bagian dalam vaginanya mencengkeram erat penisku yang tak henti-hentinya kugesek-gesekkan di bibir vaginanya. "Benar-benar nikmat nih cewek", batinku. Ati pun mengimbangi gerakanku dengan memutar-mutar pinggulnya.

"Slap.., slap..", suara penisku yang sedang giat-giatnya memasuki vaginanya terdengar dengan merdunya. "Terus Mass.., terus.., ah.., enak..", jeritnya kecil. Aku semakin terangsang dan mempercepat gerakan penisku. Kupandangi wajah cantik Ati yang kini penuh dengan keringat dan mulutnya yang setengah terbuka. "Kubikin kamu bahagia Ati", bisikku. Dia hanya tersenyum dan makin mempercepat gerakan pinggulnya. Sempat kulirik penisku yang sedang beraksi memasuki liang kenikmatan Ati. Aku pun makin terangsang.

Payudara Ati bergerak naik turun seirama nafsu yang makin memuncak. Tidak berapa lama kemudian, kedua kakinya dilingkarkan di pinggangku dan menjepit erat. Wajahnya sudah merah padam dan matanya sedikit terpejam. Lagi-lagi bibirnya digigit sendiri dan tangannya mendorong pantatku untuk masuk lebih dalam. Makin kubenamkan penisku dalam-dalam. Tanganku meremas-remas payudaranya. Beberapa detik kemudian pantatnya diangkat dan jepitan kakinya makin erat sampai aku susah bernafas. "Aaahh..", dia berteriak dan tubuhnya menegang. Rupanya dia sedang mengalami orgasme. Penisku terasa basah oleh cairan vaginanya. Tapi, tatap saja tidak kulepas penisku dari jepitan vaginanya.

"Kamu hebat Mas", ujarnya di sela-sela desah nafasnya. Kucium bibirnya dan segera kuangkat kedua pahanya tinggi-tinggi sampai ke dadanya. Dengan bernafsu kugenjot lagi vaginanya. "Aih.., istirahat dulu dong Mas..", pekiknya pelan sambil tersenyum. Segera kusumpal bibirnya dengan mulutku dan makin kupercepat gerakan penisku memasuki liang vaginanya. Gelinjangnya semakin liar. Sekitar 5 menit kemudian, dia mengerang lagi. Aku pun sudah tidak tahan. "Di dalam saja Mas", bisiknya mesra. Kupercepat gerakan penisku di dalam vaginanya dan.., "Crot.., crot..", kubanjiri vaginanya dengan sperma kentalku. Kami berpelukan erat sambil melakukan french kissing.

Ati meletakkan kepalanya ke dadaku sambil mengelus-elus penisku. "Hebat ya punyamu Mas, aku udah puas banget", ujarnya dengan senyum manis. Karena dielus-elus, penisku pun bangun lagi. Ati ternyata paham dan langsung mengulum penisku di mulutnya. Hebat deh, nggak kena gigi! Tangan kanannya mengocok penisku, sementara mulutnya dengan rakus menjilati kepala penisku. Wow, nikmat sekali rasanya, serasa aku terbang di langit ketujuh.

Tak sabar, aku segera duduk dan dia segera mengangkang. Kami pun bercinta lagi dengan bersemangat. Dengan bergelora, dia memompa penisku naik turun. Di depan mataku, payudara indahnya bergerak naik turun dan segera saja kulahap keduanya. Dia makin gila, dan kedua tangannya diangkat di kepala. "Bless.., bless.., bles..", penisku semakin cepat dipompanya. "Barengan yuk", pintanya. Akhirnya, sambil memeluk tubuhku erat-erat, dia menjambak rambutku dengan mata terpejam erat. Kali ini aku tidak mau menahan-nahannya lagi, dan segera saja kusemburkan spermaku sekali lagi. Tubuh Ati melengkung ke belakang manahan kenikmatan yang tiada tara. Beberapa detik kami serasa di awang-awang. Peluh membasahi tubuh kami berdua. Sejak saat itu, kami selalu mengulangi persetubuhan yang indah itu, baik di tempat kosku, di rumah Ati ataupun di hotel yang kami sewa.

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Drama cerita pernikahan dini

Drama cerita pernikahan dini - Jika neuron (sel otak) di halaman memori pikiran saya melayani saya benar, maka saya juga pernah menjadi "muda whipper-kakap (remaja) meskipun pada usia muda saat ini saya 68, rasanya lebih seperti isapan jempol belaka imajinasi saya berjalan liar di awan Perceraian, Hamil duluan, Hamil muda, berkabut pikiran saya waktu itu,. ketika kendaraan mobil benar, Drama cerita pernikahan dini dan penyanyi seperti Elvis Presley sebenarnya 'menyanyikan "bukan hanya berteriak dan berbicara, dan musik adalah musik yang sesungguhnya bukan din kebisingan , kami remaja baru saja tentang teka-teki yang sama seperti orang-orang muda hari ini.

Meskipun "go-go jus" (gas) kurang dari satu seperempat dolar, sebagian dari kita hanya memperoleh sekitar 50 sampai 75 sen per jam, atau kurang - dan ergo memiliki masalah bagaimana kita harus mampu untuk petro dimasukkan dalam tangki, membeli minuman soda dan hamburger untuk diri kita sendiri dan tanggal kami, dengan harapan untuk mencapai apa pun tujuan yang kami miliki di pikiran kita. Beberapa, jika tidak kebanyakan dari kita juga khawatir tentang nilai-nilai kami, olahraga dari semua jenis, dan konglomerasi masalah lain. Namun "kami selamat sebaik mental kita, fisik, Drama cerita pernikahan dini dan fasilitas emosional akan memungkinkan kami.
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