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Togel yes keluar lagi - Single currency, the euro will commemorate the 10th anniversary, coinciding with the mounting crisis in the European region. Countries in the European region it collapsed due to entanglement of debt, after 10 years of official euro is used.

The euro is actually 13 years old due to be introduced in the financial markets in 11 European countries in 1999. But the new euro officially used three years later, in 2002. Commencing on January 1, 2002, the euro was officially used as the single currency in 12 European countries.

Until mid-2011, a total of 14.2 billion 95.6 billion banknotes and coins with a total value of 870 billion euros in circulation in the eurozone. And since it was introduced, 17 countries have adopted the euro and is used by 332 million inhabitants.

The European Commission claims the use of the single currency euro profit only.

"The euro increases price transparency, reducing the cost of the currency, helping the movement of the European economy, facilitate international trade and give the EU a more powerful voice in the world," claims of the European Commission, as quoted by AFP on Monday (12/26/2011).

"The euro provides a symbol of European identity that is more real for the people of the European Union," they added more.

But the financial crisis facing Europe has eroded the value of the euro against the U.S. dollar significantly. European Central Bank and the countries of the European Union fought hard to avoid the collapse of the region.

Jatunya euro will clearly be a disaster for European banks because it will make a sharp depreciation of the currency for the South region Eripa, where banks hold a large amount of debt. Germany will experience a severe blow because its currency will rise sharply, thus making imported goods become cheaper, which in turn could 'kill' the labor market.

But it seems it will not happen. EU leaders continue to work hard struggle to overcome the crisis in the region, although some parties doubt it will resolve the crisis quickly.

Having had slumped sharply a few weeks ago, the euro is now beginning to stabilize. In trading in Asian markets on Monday (12.26.2011), the euro traded at U.S. $ 1.3054, compared to last weekend in kiasarn U.S. $ 1.3040. Eurp moving thin because of the large financial market christmas and new year holidays.


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