Gracia Indri Double Jobs 2011

Gracia Indri now wrestle world of drag votes. However Indri not want to totally abandon the art world necessarily has a role they do. He was ready to double job and become a busy man in 2011.

As a newcomer to the world of singing, Gracia will recycle the song 'Dinda' who had popularized KLa Project. Gracia a duet with fellow newcomer, named Eiza.

"It will leave the soap opera world. Let me how I'm in love with acting, singing the same love," Indri said when met at the Atrium Senen, Central Jakarta on Friday (12/31/2010).

Indri also ready to hone his vocal cords with vocal lessons at Doddy Is, personnel Jasmine Trias. For tutoring, Indri need extra patience to follow a gig schedule Kai. "Because the workout schedule Mas Doddy also solid," he said.

Not only issued a single, Indri also wanted to have a private mini album. The target is an album next year that dream come true. "there are 5 song mini album,"he concluded.
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Harga HP Terbaru 2011

Always updated, the info on the latest Nokia mobile phone prices and the price of Nokia phones second. List price Nokia mobile phone will always be updated every month for pricing info at the new Nokia phone is always up-to-date. Hopefully useful yes, please publish also who knows anything needs to be .. :)

Disclaimer: The list price of Nokia phones are listed here only as a guide only, not guaranteed equal to the actual. Latest price info your Nokia cell phone please be listened to below. For more info about the prices of goods can be listened.
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Oktovianus Maniani Aka Okto Maniani Biography

Indonesian national team appearances brilliantly in AFF Cup event is marked by the regeneration of the core players on several fronts. One of the best regenarsi they are located in Oktovianus Maniani, Papua son who played brilliantly in front-line Red-White team.

Oktovianus Maniani born in Jayapura, Papua, 20 years ago. Career tiny man who was familiarly called Okto is in the national arena began in 2008. He was elected as one of the players at the event representing Papua PON 2008. But the talent to make himself capable of rising Okto leaving fellow colleagues PON 2008 alumni like Titus Bonay, Alan Aronggear, David Lali and Frendy Mofu. Previously, Okto ever defend U15 national team. Himself has ever memperkuatPersipura U18 and U21 at the age of 15 years.

Okto Maniani ...Oktovianus Maniani Cedera Okto dan Firman Belum ... ... Okto bila Tampil di Eropa

In 2009, Okto started his club career by defending the PSMS Medan. But because it is still too 'green' time, mini-sized player is not able to do much. PSMS was degraded after Persebaya defeated in round playoff team under the board. In the second half of the season, Okto Persidafon Dafonsoro could defend, but he was sacked because of loss to follow workout. Finally Okto Persitara off to the North Jakarta. But again, the goddess Fortuna is not his side at the club. Indonesian Persitara also relegated from Super League.

But the talent and ability Okto lure a top club Indonesian Super League. Sriwijaya FC is the club that trained former coach Ivan Kolev. Okto career here more shine, and make the current national team coach, Alfred Riedl, interested to call him to defend the Red-White.

This decision was not wrong, Okto impressive show as left-wing national team. His position was almost irreplaceable. Even in two games early AFF Cup, Okto never be replaced and a full play for 90 minutes.
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Dewi Persik With Controversial Photo

Dewi Persik back to make a scene !!!!! Dewi Persik latest film titled 'Nails Kuntilanak' reap protests. The film was considered too vulgar and just show off the sexiness dangdut singer than his acting.

Producer of film 'Nails Kuntilanak' from Maxima Picture, Ody Mulya Hidayat claimed no problem with the protests that came to the film.

"In essence we are not a problem with the protests. We just want to know what exactly they are protesting. It must be clear," said Ody The Movie Maker.

When asked if the film, starring Dewi Persik was considered too vulgar and just lift eroticism alone. Ody said that if the vulgar scene in the movie was not as bad as people imagine.

"If the vulgar scene, many of which also sells movies really vulgar scenes, this movie just why all the fuss," he said.

Ody said if indeed there is a problem in the film, it is ready to sit together and speak well.

"We can discuss it properly and sit down together to discuss it. And if that's not it better," he said.

The film was protested by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). MUI Party requested that this film was not aired because it was considered too vulgar. MUI parties feel this film unsuitable programs and helped to question the LSF (Film Censorship) why some scenes seronoknya qualify for broadcast.

The film is played by Dewi Persik is, supposedly a lot to show you some scenes Nudity. Among them, Aldi Taher was while she was appearing half naked with clothes on and shows the shape of her breasts.

Dewi Persik 02 - Seksi Body ...Dewi Persik: Dewi Persik ...Foto buah dada dewi persikdewi persik dilecehkan lagifoto dewi persik bugil, dewi ...Dewi Persik Bugil1 | Flickr ... ... Dewi Persik Wallpaper - 01 ... Dewi - Foto 004 - Artis
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Arsenal Football Wallpapers

Arsenal Football Club also known as Arsenal or The Gunners, is a professional English football club based in north London. Called the Gunners as the emblem of this club is a cannon. Arsenal was founded in Woolwich, southeast London early in 1886 with the name of Dial Square.

Arsenal play in the Premier League and is one of the most successful club in English football. Arsenal has won thirteen titles in the Main Division and Premier League, ten FA Cups, and in the 2005-2006 season became the Champions League finalists. Arsenal are also members of the G-14 group of major clubs in European football.

In 1913, the club moved north to Highbury Stadium, which became their headquarters until May 2006. In July 2006, this club will occupy its new headquarters at the Emirates Stadium which seats 60,000 and is located at Ashburton Grove.

  • Full name: Arsenal Football Club
  • Nickname: The Gunners
  • Founded: 1886
  • Stadium: Emirates Stadium with a capacity of 60 355
  • Owner: Arsenal Holdings plc
  • Chairman: Peter Hill-Wood
  • Manager: Arsene Wenger
  • Costume: White Red-White (pen), Red Yellow-Red (away)

Arsenal Wallpapersarsenal wallpaperarsenal-03 | Soccer DesktopArsenal-wallpapers.jpg ... Henry Arsenal Wallpaperarsenal-01 | Soccer Desktoparsenal - arsenal wallpaperArsenal Wallpaper - Arsenal ...
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Manchester United FC Wallpapers

Manchester United FC, commonly abbreviated to Man United or just Man U (MU), is an English football club based at Old Trafford, Manchester. Formed as Newton Heath F.C. full scr in 1878 as a football team Railway Company depot Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway in Newton Heath, the name changed to Manchester United in 1902.

Since 1993 the dominance of Manchester United won a major domestic championships under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson, a new dominance since the end of Liverpool FC in the mid-1970s and early 1980s. Since bergulirnya era in the 1992 Premiership, Manchester United is the most successful team with eight-time champion won trophies.

On May 12, 2005, businessmen from the United States Malcolm Glazer became majority owner of the club by buying shares worth £ 800 million (U.S. $ 1.47 billion) but was accompanied by protests from fanatical supporters.

  • Full name: Manchester United
  • Nickname: The Red Devils (Red Devils)
  • Founded: 1878
  • Stadium: Old Trafford, Manchester (Capacity 68,936)
  • Costume: Red-White (Cage), Blue-Blue (Away)
  • Club Owner: Malcolm Glazer
  • Club Chairman: Joel Glazer and Avram Glazer
  • Manager: Sir Alex Ferguson

 ... Manchester United Wallpapermanchester-united-wallpaper ... ... Manchester United Wallpapers ... manchester-united wallpaper ... manchester-united wallpaperManchester United wallpapers ...manchester united wallpaper ...Manchester United Wallpapers ...
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Karim benzema

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema and goalkeeper Iker Casillas have expressed their satisfaction won the Champions League.

Ajax Amsterdam 4-0 in Madrid on Tuesday there was an end in the two group winners and Benzema and Casillas said she was happy, extended the last 16 years.

"We have a very difficult game, " said Benzema, according to the official website of Madrid. "We lead the group, which is great. We are very pleased with this result, satisfied."

:Real Madrid Karim Benzema ...benzema-1.png Karim BenzemaKarim Benzema Photos, Karim ...Karim Benzema Wallpapers ...Karim Benzema Wallpaper ...Karim Benzema pictureKarim BenzemaKarim Benzema: Welcome to ...

Casillas, who is not the busiest nights at the Amsterdam Arena, echoed the comments of the French.

"I threw the night before, but now I'm feeling good. It is not easy to play as solid as we do. We run a very good and positive.

"We are leaders in a group that is very difficult opponent. We make a good impression in the Champions League, they have not done in recent years."
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David Villa FC Barcelona

David Villa FC Barcelona, started his career in 1991 to join the club UP Langreo. In 1999 he moved to a professional club Sporting de Gijon. On the season with Sporting de Gijon pertamannya he could not be core players, but the following season he became a regular player with 18 goals in creating the League continued with 20 goals in the next season. By scoring more than 50 goals in his past 3 seasons he became one of goalscorer in Laliga tersubur. In 2003 he moved to Real Zaragoza promotion team.

David Villa Wallpaper | Top ...David Villa Pictures | Top ...David Villa: Fotos De David ...David villa.jpgDavid Villa will be on Jet ...David Villa Photos, David ...

Together Zaragoza he had no problem in adapting with the other players and he created 17 goals in his first season with Zaragoza.Setelah played 2 seasons with Zaragoza he was transferred to a big club Valencia in the summer of 2005 with bandrol 12 million euros.
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Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal and Real Madrid star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has become a father, Portuguese media reported Sunday, citing sources close to her agent and post Twitter and Facebook "official".

Post said the 25-year-old player was "recently became a father ', while the newspaper Correio da Manha reported" Gestifute ", the company which is managed by the player agent, has confirmed the news.

According to the newspaper, which did not provide further resources, "the baby's mother came from North America and she gave birth to early June.

Cristiano Ronaldo Pictures ...Cristiano Ronaldo – Photos ...CRISTIANO RONALDO ...Real deny Ronaldo has swine ...Cristiano Ronaldo Wallpaper ...Cristiano Ronaldo trampolĂ­nCristiano Ronaldo Haircuts ...Cristiano Ronaldo sings on a ...

Media Portugal added that a post-broadcast up Ronaldo, who said, "With the consent of her mother, who still wants nmanya secret, I will have the exclusive custody of my child."

Ronaldo, who last year became the world's most expensive player when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid, appear disappointing at the World Cup when his country bbak removed in 16 of the Spanish.
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