Gracia Indri Double Jobs 2011

Gracia Indri now wrestle world of drag votes. However Indri not want to totally abandon the art world necessarily has a role they do. He was ready to double job and become a busy man in 2011.

As a newcomer to the world of singing, Gracia will recycle the song 'Dinda' who had popularized KLa Project. Gracia a duet with fellow newcomer, named Eiza.

"It will leave the soap opera world. Let me how I'm in love with acting, singing the same love," Indri said when met at the Atrium Senen, Central Jakarta on Friday (12/31/2010).

Indri also ready to hone his vocal cords with vocal lessons at Doddy Is, personnel Jasmine Trias. For tutoring, Indri need extra patience to follow a gig schedule Kai. "Because the workout schedule Mas Doddy also solid," he said.

Not only issued a single, Indri also wanted to have a private mini album. The target is an album next year that dream come true. "there are 5 song mini album,"he concluded.


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