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Tips on How to Speed Up Access to the BlackBerry. Have BB but if it makes accessible the latest upset. Though the price of both new and used Blackberry is quite expensive. Check out the latest blackberry prices in Indonesia ranging BlackBerry Torch seven millions. But do not worry, it turns out the way the Blackberry settings for added weight fast is easy.

Blackberry will tend to 'slow' when too much data stored in the device. That is why external memory provide an important role in the Blackberry.

Here are some tips that can be applied to deal with Blackberry for the faster and not 'slow'.

1. Make sure you stay in the internal memory capacity is sufficient.
2. Multimedia files make sure you are in Media Card / Storage Card.
3. Get used to pull the battery once every 2-3 days to remove the remnants of unused files.
4. Here are some shortcuts that can help,
- To see the rest of the file or files free, do not you run out of your time to open the Options> Status. Simply press the "Alt" + "Left Shift" + "Letter H" simultaneously. This shortcut will show vital info-info Blackberry status.
- To reset the Blackberry was no longer need to pull out the battery. Simply press the "Alt" + "Right Shift" + "Del" and your Blackberry will direct te-reset, just like pulling the battery.

5. Always routinely remove the Blackberry Browser Cache Browser Menu on the menu - Options - Cache Operations - Clear History
6. Clear Event Log on the home screen by typing 'ALT' + letter 'L' + 'G' + 'L' + 'G'.
7. Memory Routine Cleaning by going to Options - Security Options - Enabled - Menu - Clean Now.


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