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The holiday season is just incredible. If this is the moment when all were ready to celebrate the feast of the year. But the most important question comes to mind is how to get gifts for all while never fail. I think the traditional Christmas markets in Europe are used for this purpose. They are a mix of local gift fairs and markets, which includes mainly souvenirs and handmade jewelry. Another cool thing about these shows is that you get free gifts to take part in various competitions. Today we present the 10 best Christmas markets in Europe.

Be makes you a popular in England, the best Christmas markets, from 9 December. All of the ceremony is accompanied by mulled wine and live music and lasts until Christmas. The organizers promise many surprises, pretty gifts, not ashamed of those under the tree or down obedient children being taken. Particular attention should be paid to women in fashion jewelry.

Christmas Decorations

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christmas parade

This traditional Christmas market is one of the largest, if not covered by the largest fairs in Europe. But this does not mean that this place is boring and no fun. It can be hard to believe, but in the context of this event is home to more than 160 wooden stalls and be a big Christmas tree, decorated with Swarovski crystals 5 miles. Opened on 27 November functioning of the market on the official Christmas Day in December.


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