Oktovianus Maniani Aka Okto Maniani Biography

Indonesian national team appearances brilliantly in AFF Cup event is marked by the regeneration of the core players on several fronts. One of the best regenarsi they are located in Oktovianus Maniani, Papua son who played brilliantly in front-line Red-White team.

Oktovianus Maniani born in Jayapura, Papua, 20 years ago. Career tiny man who was familiarly called Okto is in the national arena began in 2008. He was elected as one of the players at the event representing Papua PON 2008. But the talent to make himself capable of rising Okto leaving fellow colleagues PON 2008 alumni like Titus Bonay, Alan Aronggear, David Lali and Frendy Mofu. Previously, Okto ever defend U15 national team. Himself has ever memperkuatPersipura U18 and U21 at the age of 15 years.

Okto Maniani ...Oktovianus Maniani Cedera Okto dan Firman Belum ... ... Okto bila Tampil di Eropa

In 2009, Okto started his club career by defending the PSMS Medan. But because it is still too 'green' time, mini-sized player is not able to do much. PSMS was degraded after Persebaya defeated in round playoff team under the board. In the second half of the season, Okto Persidafon Dafonsoro could defend, but he was sacked because of loss to follow workout. Finally Okto Persitara off to the North Jakarta. But again, the goddess Fortuna is not his side at the club. Indonesian Persitara also relegated from Super League.

But the talent and ability Okto lure a top club Indonesian Super League. Sriwijaya FC is the club that trained former coach Ivan Kolev. Okto career here more shine, and make the current national team coach, Alfred Riedl, interested to call him to defend the Red-White.

This decision was not wrong, Okto impressive show as left-wing national team. His position was almost irreplaceable. Even in two games early AFF Cup, Okto never be replaced and a full play for 90 minutes.


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