Foto Dewi Persik Bugil Ahmad Dhani Follow Rules

Foto Dewi Persik Bugil, Since applying to join the Republic Cinta Management (RCM) Goddess Dewi Persik claimed many gig offers and bids obtained in films. With so many opportunities at the same time he is very grateful thank you very much to Ahmad Dhani.

"Because of Mas Dhani also I can go abroad for shows or holiday. Anyway, I feel more and more advanced in terms of career," he said when contacted via Blackberry Messenger, Sunday (2 / 1).

Depe adding that he also enjoys the trust Dhani against him.

"Definitely, I'm grateful to Mas Dhani as a boss, father, brother, friend sometimes also as an enemy, which has given me confidence and a bonus of the new year for a vacation in Australia for 10 days," he added a moment to Australia with Nicky Tirta.

During under management Dhani, Depe also trying not to violate the rules. Because she wants her career can be smooth and uneventful.
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