Dewi Persik With Controversial Photo

Dewi Persik back to make a scene !!!!! Dewi Persik latest film titled 'Nails Kuntilanak' reap protests. The film was considered too vulgar and just show off the sexiness dangdut singer than his acting.

Producer of film 'Nails Kuntilanak' from Maxima Picture, Ody Mulya Hidayat claimed no problem with the protests that came to the film.

"In essence we are not a problem with the protests. We just want to know what exactly they are protesting. It must be clear," said Ody The Movie Maker.

When asked if the film, starring Dewi Persik was considered too vulgar and just lift eroticism alone. Ody said that if the vulgar scene in the movie was not as bad as people imagine.

"If the vulgar scene, many of which also sells movies really vulgar scenes, this movie just why all the fuss," he said.

Ody said if indeed there is a problem in the film, it is ready to sit together and speak well.

"We can discuss it properly and sit down together to discuss it. And if that's not it better," he said.

The film was protested by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). MUI Party requested that this film was not aired because it was considered too vulgar. MUI parties feel this film unsuitable programs and helped to question the LSF (Film Censorship) why some scenes seronoknya qualify for broadcast.

The film is played by Dewi Persik is, supposedly a lot to show you some scenes Nudity. Among them, Aldi Taher was while she was appearing half naked with clothes on and shows the shape of her breasts.

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