SMA SMP Mahasiswi Bugil Telanjang Terbaru 2011

SMA SMP Mahasiswi Bugil Telanjang Terbaru 2011 IU singer graduated from high school this year. Despite the great value and is one of the smartest students, from the start he said he would not continue directly to college. But lately rumored IU managed to get into university 'S' through special channels.

"I've talked many times during the interview that I was going to college when I was ready and the conditions allow. It would be very difficult," said IU Soompi reported on Friday (07/29/2011).

IU is rumored to come with her mother and trying to get in without a test to the university. Hearing this news, IU agency also stated their objection.

"A lot of people ask, but rumors SMA SMP Mahasiswi Bugil Telanjang Terbaru 2011 Ji Eun (IU real name) entered the university was not true," said agency spokesman IU, Loen Entertainment via their official Twitter account.

This rumor was first circulated on the internet after someone said he had heard from her school friends IU trying to get into university 'S' majoring in Korean language. The reason that he could write better lyrics. Hearing the name of the university 'S' fans thought that meant the University of Seoul, the best public universities in Korea.

IU is stated not going to college this year because his schedule as a singer is very solid. And IU is known as a diligent SMA SMP Mahasiswi Bugil Telanjang Terbaru 2011 student and rarely absent. He often comes to shooting still wearing school uniform.


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