Rianti Cartwright, Nyi Iteung Modern Kabayan

Rianti Cartwright (27) that often appears on the screen into one of the judges Indonesia Seeking Talent play as Nyi Iteung in movies Kabayan So Millionaires. "From the beginning I was interested in playing in this movie because I wanted to help preserve Sundanese culture," explained the mixed-blood ancestors British Bandung.

As women age, Rianti Kabayan also grew up with movies since the character played by the late Kang Kabayan Ibing until Didi Petet. "I like the character is plain. But, beneath it, he's smart. Many of the message, "he said.

Historically, the role of Nyi Iteung which is ideal female figure is played by Leny Kabayan Marlina, Pink Dear, until Desi Ratnasari. Rianti trying to make it not be a burden.

"I have loads baseball and baseball is as much as possible I make the load. I also worry about than baseball (actor) else because anyone who plays baseball Nyi Iteung will be better than the original, "said Rianti who also play in the Message from Heaven and Singh this.

Rianti more confident because in this movie Nyi Iteung figure is slightly different. "This time Nyi Iteung more modern. He is also a bit of gray. So, I tried to play as myself, "said Rianti that will soon emerge as a star ST12 video clips. (DOE)


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