Aida Saskia Video Adegan Mandi Aida Saskia

Aida Saskia Video Adegan Mandi Aida Saskia - After the bath scene pictures circulating, there is now another furor from Aida Saskia. Recently, a shower scene video women who allege rape Zainuddin MZ was circulating in cyberspace.

The video was circulated through the site of the world's greatest video warehouse, YouTube. Recorded in the site the video uploaded on January 8, 2011.

In the 2:30 minute video duration was seen the woman was bathing in the bathroom is quite luxurious. Women like Aida was wearing a black swimsuit.

During the 2:30 minutes the woman's entire body is rubbed only with liquid soap. Allegedly the video is a piece of the picture the movie 'Ghost Widow Gerondong Hugs' which he starred. Strong suspicion because he was wearing clothes in exactly the same as the previous photo bathing him too scattered.

Previously, there are 4 photos that allegedly was melakoni Aida scene in a movie. In one photo, looks chanter 'MOLESTER Victims' bodies were being flushed with water.

In another photo, see Aida only wearing a bra. However, only one photo that showed his face clearly.


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