Gum For Stress At Work

Recent research shows that eating chewing gum every day to cope with pressure at work. Recently in Shanghai, Beijing and in other cities which is the office area many office workers who chewed gum to reduce tension and stress.

How does chewing gum so that it can relieve stress? If you're nervous, chewing gum help you stay focused on your mouth, so you forget the feeling of tension and stress so that suasa calmer heart.

As quoted by China Daily, reveals Freud's theory, if we are faced with tremendous pressure, often want to deaden all the pressure. Chewed bubble gum into the solution, chewing can reduce tension and stress.

Other research reveals, in addition to reducing stress, chewing gum can increase alertness at work. In addition, the chewing gum can also make a person capable of doing many things, as quoted by LIVESTRONG.

Dr Scholey, a professor and researcher in the field of brain explains, people who often chewed gum guard level will increase by 19 percent. Its performance is also increased by 67 percent.

However, it is not advisable to chew gum for too long because it can cause problems in the jaw, muscle fatigue, muscle spasms, wrinkles and even skin problems.


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