Modern Home in Lake Zurich, Switzerland - Stylish carved

The Swiss architect Gus Wüstemann designed the current "sculpture" Feldbalz home to a variety of life scenarios to support with a trio of levels, the areas of entertainment, privacy and home separately. The top floor offers a sophisticated sanctuary with views of Lake Zurich in Switzerland, where the bedrooms, with a glass balcony overlooking the pool. The ground floor is for entertainment, with access to the garden and home, where residential areas are located. The house is unique sculptural element away from its basic structure, the creation of a path followed by the pool and connect the garden. The glass facade is largely affected by coating polycarbonate, offers its residents an ideal balance between openness and privacy. On the other hand, the south side of the house on the inside from the outside through a screen of 11 meters, which slides open to remove the almost-not quite separated from the wall. The interior is open concept with a view of one end of the house to another. [via]


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