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This is a common point of Hollywood celebrities fancy formal hairstyle, and walking down the red carpet during performances or interviews. Formal hairstyles are all on special occasions. From prom, a business party wedding, you will definitely need a formal hairstyle once in a lifetime. For this important occasion, and take care much for the dress. You can try picking the perfect dress and matching with that perfect piece of jewelry. When you are so particular about everything, then why ignore your hair, who as an important tool. Formal hairstyles can complement any length of hair whether long or short. If you have short dark hair, and then you can decorate Rihanna cropped look with saline or go ahead with Katie Holmes is a blunt cut style. Drop down a long tresses to the prom by sports Mischa Barton is a blow-dried straight locks style. Options are limited! Since the braids updos, formal hairstyles have a lot to offer. What's more, you can make at home and save the cost of salon. Here are some easy to make a formal hairstyle, which will give you the look of your favorite celebrities. Formal hairstyles bun Name chignon means' head and vrat'kao as low bun worn at the nape of the neck. chignon is a classic choice for formal occasions, including weddings, proms, and holidays. The advantage of this hairstyle is that it goes well with any hair type. Here are the steps to achieve this hairstyle:

Part your hair on the side to tie hair in a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Surely it with an elastic hair band. Now, backcomb ponytail and smooth with a brush to give hair volume. Wrap the hair around the ponytail band to create a cake. Use hairpins to hold the cake in place. Your hair bun is done! loop Updo Updo's all time favorite formal hairstyle. Many women like the updo for a unique appearance to the hair. From proms to weddings, you can try to loop updo for any formal occasion.
    to tie hair in a ponytail, which is halfway between the nape of the neck and upper part of the head. it safely quickly with an elastic band. Separately, about four inches of thick hair on top of the queue. out of the way to Pin. This will be done later. Divide the ponytail in the remaining six equal parts. Start with the left hand side. Take one section and twist gently to the left and below to form a hair loop. Next, pin the bottom of the loop on the back of the hair. Now, take the next part and repeat the same. Pin the following loop in such a way that it hides the previous hairpin. Now, spray loops with hairspray. When you're finished with the bottom loop, unpin the top of the hair and divide it into four equal parts. part of a roll around your finger to form a short loop. Now, pin the loop in the form of a four-leaf clover shape. to make a loop three other pieces in the same manner and pin. four tight loops should rest on top of the loose hair at the bottom of the loop. spray paint to finish the look.
Modern Side Bun stylish updo side can pick up the cake, if you are going for less formal occasions. It will certainly make you look stylish and gorgeous.
    comb your hair and make sure that they are fully detangled. This will ensure easy creation of cake. Furthermore, Part hair in the desired direction. preferred separation center, it will be easier to tie the cake with a center parting. In the case of using a side parting, do not forget to brush your hair in the opposite direction, where the cake will be placed. Now place either on the side of the head, where there will be cake. Use hair pins to fix or to a desired location. Use hairspray to finish it. Your style of the cake is ready!


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