Frederic Fekkai: A Year of Style - A Beauty Guide for Elegant Women

Frederic Fekkai is a famous French hairdresser who is widely recognized as one of the best hairdressers in the world. It costs $ 750 for a haircut. He is based in New York, where he owned salon on Fifth Avenue since 1989. Fekkai also owns a salon in Los Angeles, where he created the celebrity hairstyles of Hollywood's leading actresses.

"The only real elegance is in the mind, " Vogue editor Diana Vreeland famously said. "If you've got the rest really comes from him." Fekkai thoughts like Vreeland. "Natural. effort. Chic. These words are music to my ears,"he writes. "They evoke the very essence of style that is simple and elegant." former student of art and has an elegant artistic mind, and so he is able to think about all aspects of the elegant beauty of the hair and makeup for clothes and shoes.

In style, his literary debut, is divided into 12 sections, there is one chapter for each month. Fekkai himself describes his book as "month-by-month guide to simplicity." For each day of the year has beauty tips, lifestyle suggestions, or inspirational quotes. These appear in the left column on most pages and supplement the main text. Chapter content usually corresponds to a month. For example, June has a section on summer hair, and October is a guide to formal evening attire.

hairdresser book has an emphasis on hair, but also about the makeup, skin care, nail care, clothing, jewelry, shoes, and fun. Although there is no dispute about Fekkai qualifications for writing about your hair, because he is one of the best hairdressers in the world, was not nearly as qualified to deal with other issues related, such as makeup and clothing. There are experts in beauty and fashion industry who are hairstylists and makeup artists, but Fekkai is not known for talents. As readers we do not know how much he relied on other experts for its content. book does not list all the co-author, only identified the photographer who made ​​many beautiful pictures of the editorial in his book


Fekkai covers many subjects, but it often skims and moves too fast to something new, when he could have dug deeper on the same topic. The main theme of his book is that simplicity is the key to style, but it may oversimplify. Simplicity is good, but Fekkai may be very conservative and minimalist.

For example, in its section on manicure, he says that women should not wear bright nail during the day or acrylic nails. It's always risky to tell women what colors to use or the like. Neutral colors can be quite lifeless and boring, if not a lawyer, librarian, or more than 80 years.

Some women may find the book uncomfortable by the sheer weight. It is much harder than most beauty books. It's more like a coffee table book - at 2.5 pounds heavier as a laptop! publisher really should have used thinner paper, especially when the book is designed to be read every day. The text is double spaced and on every other page that has a full-page photo, so there is so much content as you want in 288 pages. It's more like a 144-page book.

After a while some female readers may find it a bit intrusive to hear one more piece of advice from a man in another area of ​​your life. And what a woman wants a man to tell her what should be in your purse? The author tries to be helpful, but in the end it can feel almost excessive, stifling or controlling.

Some of the proposals that require daily cash point book is written for upper-middle class or even upper-class readers, ie, women who can not afford to get their hair cut at his salon, or jet off to Paris. But most of his ideas are reasonable and suitable for almost every income level.

It's a little frustrating that there are no pictures Fekkai best hairstyle. Did not he think readers would rather see pictures of his hair, but they ended up cutting his hair? His failure to show off their masterpieces was a huge lost opportunity, because it is a book of them have already been released before this, and has not been created since then.

titles can be misconstrued to suggest the book is mainly about clothes, not hair, because the word "style" is commonly used to discuss the clothing. But there is not so much on clothes, up to half the hair on the


In Style is a light and relaxing reading, but it has too many new ideas or opinions is unique. Its uniqueness and maximum value can be the basic concept and format where the daily tips on beauty and lifestyle for the whole year. This can help create a habit of regular attention and focus on good goal simpler and more elegant age.

Fekkai shared some personal anecdotes, but not enough. volume is not an autobiography, but it would be more interesting if it shares more entertaining stories from his envious, glamorous life with the rich and famous.

Frederic Fekkai usually takes a few risks and avoid all manner of controversy, but one of his strongest statements in the book is that it is against the trend. He notes, however, he favors the change. His idea is that it is better to wear what is trendy, but do not flatter you, but follow a trend that is unpleasant for you.

Fekkai is the target audience is, of course, women, especially those in their 30-team and the elderly, but also offers some advice for men. One suggestion he made ​​was the men can wear evening classes with mother of pearl face, although this style is much more common in ladies' watches. Because the look is fairly subtle, he believes it works for men, too. It is one piece of advice for parents about their children: they should not get their hair cut at the salon while at least five years old


This is a good book for every woman who enjoys the light air of sophistication. You could call it "Elegance Bible." It can lift your spirit in many aspects of everyday life. This would correspond to female readers who need to tone down his style a bit, or those who want to keep it conservative. "Less is More" is one of the topics, but it is now almost tired cliches. Anyone who is tired of minimalism may not like it. He was at the opposite end of the spectrum where there is no escapism or the ability to let your freak flag fly.

Year of Style has the feel of a fashion magazine because of its liberal use of editorial photography and beauty tips. That would be enjoyed by anyone who loves women's magazines. It is also a good book for those who want to slow down and simplify their lives in 2011 without sacrificing style, color, elegance and creativity. Pick up a copy if you're very busy man, but your New Year's Resolution or goal this year is to stop and smell the roses.


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