Discover the Many Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin is a clear, colorless, tasteless, solid material produced from collagen in skin, bone, cartilage and connective tissue of animals. It is processed in the form of a powder which when dissolved in hot water, forms the wish then cooled and molded into the tire consistency.

the most popular use of gelatin in the boiling, as a thickener, stabilizer and provide texture in foods such as jams, margarine, cream cheese and yogurt, and is often used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical production and photography. It is used as an ingredient in low-fat foods to mimic fat like mouth feel of fat in the food and add volume without adding calories necessary.

Gelatin is very high in protein. It contains 98-99 percent of the total protein, but it is not as nutritious as other sources of protein. Rich is a naturally occurring amino acids glycine and proline but low in tryptophan (it does not make you sleep), isoleucine, threonine and methionine.

for weight watchers, unsweetened gelatin can be good for you, but you could get more calories if it is made into a rich desert mixed with milk and sugar. Gelatin is also a source of cholesterol, because it is a substance derived from connective tissue and bones of animals.

Gelatin is in your child's favorite gummy bears, marshmallows in which you use in your barbecue party in your favorite fruit-flavored gelatin dessert, and your favorite low-fat yogurt.

This capsule holding medicines, vitamins or supplements made ​​from gelatin. It is also a popular ingredient used to make shell beads.

for cosmetic use, it is an ingredient used in cake foundation, blush on and lipstick. It is painted in different colors to match skin color. It is also a mystery why this is an amazing person that you are using daily basis gives you the sophisticated, finished look throughout the day. It is also believed to strengthen nails and hair.

As the gelatin is dissolved in cold water, it is used for "knoxing" by synchronized swimmers, where the gelatin applied to the hair to keep him in place while swimming routine. It is also used as an ingredient in hair gels.

This is a favorite material used for medical implant procedures such as bone void filling and breast augmentation.

Gelatin is also an important ingredient in beer, fruit juices such as apple juice and vinegar. It acts as a clarifying agent that gives the juice its crystal clear appearance, and gives beer to clear, finishing brew. clarifying the preferred agent used for beer and wine is isinglass, which is derived from fish bladders.

Gelatin is also used as a carrier, coating or separating agent for substances in the preparation of beta carotene, soluble in water that could give the yellow color of beta carotene-containing beverages.

in the pharmaceutical industry, gelatin is the preferred material used to make capsules for both over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as nutritional supplements and vitamins, because it is cheaper and easier to swallow.

In addition to their health, culinary and cosmetic use, gelatin is also used extensively in photography primarily bind halide crystals in the emulsion for use in photographic films and photographic papers. There have been attempts by some people and savvy entrepreneurs to find an alternative to gelatin, but until this writing, it is better to substitute with gelatin is low cost and stabilityhave not yet been been found .

Gelatin is also used as the color gels to change the color beam lighting equipment and as a binder in match heads and sandpaper. It allows printing paper and playing cards of their smooth and sleek look, and she is responsible for the wrinkles in crepe paper.

Blocks of ballistic gelatin are also used to mimic muscle tissue used in the testing of ammunition.


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