Government Prepares Evacuation of citizens in Yemen

Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said the government had memyiapkan various efforts to evacuate Indonesian citizens residing in Yemen, if the unrest in Egypt extends into the country.

"So our representatives have worked, had to record our citizens in Yemen are about three thousand people, so if things deteriorate we are ready," Marty said after meeting President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the Presidential Office, Jakarta, on Friday.

He stressed, a citizen of Indonesia does not need not panic because the government has prepared a number of steps, as has been done when addressing the riots in Egypt and Tunisia.

Related crisis in Egypt, Marty points out, the government will continue to evacuate citizens. The government has managed to repatriate a group of citizens into the country some time ago.

Marty explains, Indonesian citizens in Egypt who joined in the second stage of the evacuation entourage arrived in Jakarta on Friday (4 / 2) afternoon.

"At 12.30 there is a second group who arrived in the country," he explained.

Marty said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant agencies will continue to monitor and prepare for the needs of citizens during their stay in the country, before returning to their hometown.

Based on the information, said Marty, a team that was in Egypt already signed up 400 other citizens. They will be repatriated to Indonesia in the next group.

"So there is one more cargo plane," he said, explaining.

According to him, Task Force Evacuation of citizens will lead the process of registration and repatriation of Indonesian citizens of Egypt who was raging that.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Task Force Evacuation citizen, Hassan Wirajuda said second evacuation entourage arrived at Soekarno Hatta Airport using Boeing 747 aircraft owned airline Garuda Indonesia.

According to Hassan, they will be housed temporarily at pilgrim hostel Pondok Gede, East Jakarta. He asserted, Pondok Gede pilgrim hostel is only a transit place, therefore the government will soon dispatch its citizens it to my hometown respectively.

The plan, the government will repatriate citizens, especially those living outside Cairo, will be repatriated in the third group on Saturday (5 / 2).


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